jueves, febrero 23, 2006

Telecom Austria lanza un servicio de telefonía Wimax!!

WiMAX Telecom GmbH, a subsidiary of the Swiss-based WiMAX Telecom Group, has launched a fixed voice telephony service, based on the WiMAX standard 802.16(d) in the regions of Burgenland and Styria The service, which is available for its broadband customers, is available for EUR 9.90 per month (including VAT) and includes 120 free monthly minutes, and national fixed tariffs (from EUR 2 cents per minute) and mobile tariffs (from EUR 22 cents per minute). Calls are charged to the exact second after the first minute. The service also includes a one-off porting charge of EUR 35 and a minimum one-year contract.
Current perspective is slightly positive on WiMAX Telecom’s offering a new fixed telephony service, based on the WiMAX standard 802.16d, which delivers a frequency in the 3.5 GHz range in Austria. While the customer base and service coverage are low and the technology new, it is one of the first operators to pioneer a WiMAX-enabled fixed telephony service in Europe. Its plans to target regions that are underserved by existing cable and broadband markets is likely to increase market share relatively quickly and recoup the investments made for acquiring the license, building up a company, and rolling out a new network.

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